The mission of the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center is to further develop our vibrant lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in the greater Milwaukee area, thus improving the quality of life for all of us.
The mission is supported by the Centerís leadership in community building, health promotion, advocacy, and communications.


The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center delivers educational, health promotion, and community-building services that meet the needs of LGBT youth, adults and their allies in the greater Milwaukee area from its primary facility and other sites. Center programs are developed with a consideration of community need, diversity and inclusivity, community development, availability of resources, and the Centerís mission and vision.


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Current Budget
Financial Audit 2010
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Annual Report 2010
Fiscal Policies &Internal Control Procedures
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The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center believes in the goodness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. As an organization, the Center seeks to foster community development and agency partnerships. The Center values leadership, both formal and informal, and its supports responsibility and accountability among individuals and organizations. To achieve its mission, the Center acknowledges the value of diversity and inclusion and of proactive and responsive communications. The Center knows that the LGBT communityís long-term quality of life requires the Center to prosper financially and develop organizationally to meet community needs.


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Proposed Bylaw Revisions 11-20-10
Common Code of Ethics
Document Retention & Destruction Policy
Gift Acceptance Guidelines
Philanthropy Code of Ethics
Whistleblower Protection Policy


  1. The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center will implement a comprehensive communications plan that supports electronic, print, and person-to-person communications that will advance community events and information.

  2. The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center will form a network with LGBT organizations in Milwaukee to develop a long-term shared vision for LGBT community development.

  3. The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center will provide educational, personal growth, health promotion, and community development services and programs based on community need to 8,000 individuals.

  4. The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center will move into expanded space that meets emerging community needs, fosters community development, garners a sense of community pride and investment, and supports LGBT organizations.

  5. The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center will be a catalyst for the development of an annual community celebration that garners the attention of policy makers, media, LGBT individuals and their families.


The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center has a commitment to protect its clientís rights and privacy. All employees ó paid staff, non-paid staff, volunteers, and those compensated by other sources ó are bound by law (Wisconsin State Mental Health Act, ss. 51.00) as well as the Milwaukee LGBT Community Centerís policy to protect the privacy of Center clients. In addition, professional persons are bound by their code of ethics to develop and exercise sound professional judgment in protecting client confidentiality.

The Centerís policy dictates that client information is released only with the written consent of the client and/or legal guardian. The State Mental Health Act enumerates certain special circumstances in which the Center may release records to third parties without the clientís written consent (e.g., management and financial audits, research purposes, accreditation and/or approval surveys.) Third parties granted access to records for legitimate purposes are not excused from the obligation of confidentiality in regard to client information and will be expected to verify their intention to protect client privacy by their signature on the Centerís Confidentiality Statement form.