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The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center has operated since 1997 to improve the well-being and quality of life for LGBT people in metro Milwaukee. Home to numerous organizations, the Center is a national model of collaboration, cohesion and community. As such, the Center aims to bring people together so they can “get involved” to enhance the vibrancy of the LGBT community while meeting its needs.


The Membership program of the Center provides an opportunity for LGBT people in metro Milwaukee to come together in safe and empowering opportunities to build a community that promotes education, service, volunteerism, social justice, and the holistic welfare of LGBT individuals and families.

If you wish to become a member of the Center, please select your membership level and then click the Add to Cart button. You will be redirected to PayPal to make your membership payment.



The Board members and staff of the Center strive to develop a culture of philanthropy both within and outside of the Center. The awareness and desire to “give back to community” lies at the heart of philanthropy. The goal of our Philanthropy Department is to encourage the LGBT community to assist the Center in developing a sustainable yet diverse contribution stream that helps to deliver superior performance relative to the Center’s mission.



Volunteers help to make all the programs and services offered by the Center possible. From supporting Project Q as an adult mentor to staffing the front desk to assisting with fundraising efforts, volunteers work closely with Center staff and have been a key element in the successful development of the Center.


The Board and staff members of the Center would like to thank those individuals and businesses who have become members and/or volunteers and/or have made a charitable gift between March 1 to April 30, 2010.

New or Renewed Members

Deena Andrews
Frank Bishop
April Calvert & Cathy Seasholes
Sheldon Walker
Tom DeCicco
Michael Doylen & Doug McDonald
Trudy Farrell
David Glenn
Roger Gremminger
Tom Hanley
Brenda Hanus & Debbie Renard
John Hefter & Paul Zidonowitz
Stephanie Hume
Joan & John Jacobs
Joseph Karpfinger & Craig Thelen
Jeffery Kloko
Dennis Krueger
Deborah Kucay
D. A. Leonard
Michael Lisowski
Janet Osborne
Joseph Pabst
Susan Paynter
Janelle Phalen & Felisha Wild
Kenneth Simkunas
Ross Spens & Gary Timm
Thomas Zander

New Volunteers

Stephanie A.
Jameeca C.
Nick C.
Jeremiah G.
Stephen H.
Stephanie H.
Daniel K.
Michael K.
Samantha K.
Whitney R.
Melanie R.
Jennifer S.
Rachel S.
Jeffrey W.

"Twilight" by Paul Zidonowitz,
a member of the Center

  Recent Donors

Adroidea, LLC
Marybeth Anderson & Elizabeth Blair
Deena Andrews
Carol Apyan
Bartoli Filmworks, LLC
Theodore T. Berg
Frank L. Bishop
Jay C. Botsford
Community Advocates, Inc.
Jess Cushion
Thomas J.DeCicco
Diverse and Resilient, Inc.
Kiely Doris
Michael R Doylen & Doug McDonald
Warren Dugan & Steve Powell
Richard Faherty
Trudy Farrell
Forest County Potawatomi Community Foundation
Jeff Gesser
David Glenn
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Roger Gremminger
John Griffith
William P. Hanel
Tom Hanley
Jeremy Hanson & Shannon Wallace
Brenda Hanus & Debbie Renard
John P Hefter & Paul Zidonowitz
Mary K Hoerig & Cathleen Wichmann
Kathleen E. Hume
Stephanie Hume
Joan & Jon Jacobs
Amy Kallas & Ann Lewis
Joseph Karpfinger & Craig Thelen
Jeffery A. Kloko
Stephanie A. Knuteson
Dennis L. Krueger
Deborah Kucay
Debbie Lang & Donna Plaski
Halanna L. Lathon
D. A. Leonard
Michael S. Lisowski
Javier Marchan
Leonel Marchán & Steve Fillmer
Christopher C. McCoy
Clayton Mrotek
Janet Osborne
Joseph R. Pabst
Susan Paynter
Carl Pforr
Janelle Phalen & Felisha Wild
Richard & Sue Pieper
Cathy Seasholes& April Calvert
Dolcizia Selvaggio
Kenneth Simkunas
State of Wisconsin, Department of Health Services
State of Wisconsin, Department of Justice
Yvonne Stevenson & Mary Anne Schall
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Southeast Wisconsin
Susan H. Tessendorf & Darlene Cole
Gary Timm & Ross Spens
John M. Tomlinson & Don Krause
Erin Trad
Richard Tunkieicz
United Way of Greater Milwaukee
United Way of Waterbury
Cindy Van Vrede
Sheldon Walker
Richard Walters
James Welsh
Thomas Zander
Kevin L. Zuehlsdorf